RSC Bulletin: 1972-1991

The Journal of the Rhododendron Society of Canada was published between 1972 and 1991. Articles in these issues were drawn from a variety of sources but most of the articles dealt with activities and experiences of growers, hybrydizers and researchers in Eastern Canada: in the Atlantic Region, Ontario and Quebec.

The Niagara Chapter, Rhododendron Society of Canada, undertook the task of creating an archive of all issues of the Journal that could be located. The task was completed in December 2008.

Copyright for RSC Bulletin articles is retained by individual authors and/or by the Board of Rhododendron Society of Canada.

History of the Niagara Region Chapter

Vineland History & Vineland Introductions
A pdf file that includes all the information that we believe exists for the Vineland introductions and the old Vineland, Ontario Government sponsored Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, known as HRIO.